5 Minutes vs. 2 Days

  • Organization:
     Epilepsy Foundation of America
    Landover, Maryland
  • Budget: $18 million in assets
  • Supporters: 48 affiliated organizations
  • Challenges: Multiple data silos created labor intensive reporting on donor contributions, events and financials
  • Main Goal: Streamline data management into one system with easy 360 degree reporting that is mobile optimized
  • Timeline: 6 months


The Epilepsy Foundation and Epilepsy Therapy Project merged in January 2013. For the merger of the two organizations to be successful, staff realized changes needed to be made in how the organization processed and distributed donor data by eliminating silos. Implementing MemberNation integrated the data systems of the two organizations, making the combined organization more efficient and successful in communicating with donors and prospects.


The combined organization needed to integrate three donor systems into one. EFA's previous systems were not user friendly, it was hard to find information, generating reports was time consuming, and the system could only be accessed from inside the network.


EFA choose Fonteva's MemberNation as its new donor management system. Moving to a cloud based system where all their data was in one placed allowed them to increase efficiency, obtain real time reporting quickly and improve donor relations.

Seamless transfer of information between systems and people emerged as the key task in completing EFA's transition to MemberNation. MemberNation provides a full picture of EFA's donors and helped the organization to eliminate data silos.

EFA uses these MemberNation features:

Committees & Chapters

Donor Management

Donors can log into the system to update their profiles, and manage their activities.

Dashboard & Reports

Finance and Accounting

Batch coding interacted seamlessly with their accounting system.



Donors can manage recurring donations or one time gifts.


Dashboards and Reports

Customized reports make it easy to report to the board.

Private Social Community


Individual gift officers are now able to access prospect information remotely.

Events Management


Through workflows and automation, staff can act quickly and personlize conversations.

Events Management


Reconciling dues for EFA's 40 affiliates used to take 2 days; now it's only 4 clicks.