Get a Head Start on Member Engagement

Organization: National Head Start Association
Alexandria, VA
Staff: 22
Members: 1,200 organizations/ 1,000+ individuals
Challenge: Slow membership database system
Main Goal: A new system that was easy for staff and end users to navigate


After using NHSA’s legacy system for 18 months, staff members were already quite unhappy with it due its poor end user interface and reporting capability. In its search for a new system, NHSA wanted more than just a membership database; the association wanted true association management software. NHSA selected MemberNation by Fonteva because of its value and cloud-based, mobile functionality.


NHSA felt that NetFORUM was clunky, slow, and inhibited staff’s ability to do their jobs. Employees were challenged to work quickly and efficiently in NHSA’s legacy system, which would take two to three minutes to save changes and often timed out before doing so.


NHSA uses MemberNation for online membership applications and renewals, to manage its membership and donor database, for back office functions, such as processing donations and payments, and to generate financial information.

In addition, a critical area for NHSA is its public facing web site. MemberNation’s strong integration with the association’s website and robust authentication has been beneficial. 

NHSA uses the following MemberNation Functions

Committees & Chapters

Membership Management

Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard & Reports


Private Social Community