Better in the Cloud


Organization: NICSA
McLean, VA
Staff: 5
Membership: 240+ firms, making up a network of 10,000+ business professionals
Challenges: Inflexible system requiring manual processes
Main Goal: Increased automation and mobility


With remote staff unable to access their current system and processes that would take weeks each year due to an old AMS system, NICSA made the switch to MemberNation. Now everyone can access the system through any internet ready device and they've saved weeks per year with more flexibility and automated administrative processes.


NICSA's previous AMS was monolithic and didn't allow for much flexibility or personalization. This caused their staff to take days per month processing rolling membership dues.


In selecting a new AMS, NICSA's top priority was identifying a cloud-based solution that could be accessed from anywhere at any time on any mobile device. MemberNation was ideal for meeting this need.

In addition, with limited access to technical resources, it was essential that staff members have the ability to personalize and make changes to the system on their own without having to rely solely on Fonteva. MemberNation was designed to give organizations the freedom to customize the solution to meet their unique needs without incurring expenses for costly upgrades.

NICSA uses these MemberNation Features:


Member Management

Automated monthly membership renewal process frees NICSA staff time.



NICSA's president can easily access MemberNation from her home, or anywhere else.


Private Social Community

NICSA members register for events via membership portal.