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Fonteva Mobile Launches Through Partnership with Guidebook

Fonteva Mobile, Powered by Guidebook Connects Fonteva Events to a World-Class Mobile Experience

ARLINGTON, VA — August 7, 2019 — Fonteva is pleased to announced it has entered into a formal partnership with Guidebook, the leading platform for building mobile applications. Through this partnership Fonteva announces the launch of Fonteva Mobile, allowing the creation and management of custom, native mobile apps using Guidebook’s platform to more effectively engage with members, customers and event attendees. 

The current release of Fonteva Mobile allows customers to create Event Apps that connect and share data with Fonteva Events inside Salesforce®. This allows all Fonteva customers the opportunity to build a world class mobile app to better connect and engage with end-users while capturing more data and behavioral information. The Fonteva Mobile Events app is available today.

The next phase, coming soon, will include a membership engagement app that will make it easier than ever for associations to bring their entire community of members together, closer to the association and to each other.

The average person spends over four hours in mobile apps every day. To meet members, customers and attendees on their platform of choice, organizations increasingly rely on mobile apps as a critical tool for communication and engagement. Fonteva Mobile will allow our customers to create a valuable mobile experience that effectively connects constituents and boosts engagement metrics beyond mobile engagement. 

“With the introduction of Fonteva Mobile, all of our nearly 300 customers will have the opportunity to deliver engaging mobile experiences for their event attendees, leveraging what they are already doing with Fonteva Events,” said Jerry Huskins, CEO of Fonteva. “Combining our two market-leading platforms means our customers don’t have to compromise between maximizing their investment in Fonteva and providing the personalized mobile experiences their members and customers are expecting. This partnership underscores our commitment to supporting our clients and their ability to improve how they reach and engage with their stakeholders.”

With a focus on providing the best experience to customers, Fonteva has integrated Fonteva Events with Guidebook’s mobile app building platform. Information will seamlessly flow between the two systems, resulting in time savings and apps that always contain up-to-date information. 

“Mobile apps are a powerful tool to forge stronger relationships. It can be challenging to stay relevant and connected, and oftentimes attempts at delivering value can go unnoticed. With Fonteva Mobile, it’s a win-win. Fonteva’s customers will be able to establish unprecedented levels of communication with their event attendees and those attendees will gain instant access to a more connected event experience via an app that looks and performs like any other cutting edge consumer app they have on their phones,” said Jeff Lewis, founder and CEO of Guidebook. 

About Guidebook

Guidebook empowers individuals and businesses to create beautiful, feature-rich, custom mobile applications – without any coding. More than 100,000 organizations, including industry-leading brands such as Coca Cola, Amazon, YouTube, Google, and Samsung, and the world’s top universities have selected Guidebook as their mobile application platform of choice. Guidebook helps companies and organizations of any size extend their brand, connect with employees, engage with audiences in real-time, and delight users as they discover a trove of valuable information. Guidebook-powered apps have been downloaded more than 14 million times in over 75 countries. Based in San Francisco, Guidebook is a private, venture-backed, award-winning company with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

About Fonteva

Fonteva, a Salesforce Premier Partner, is the leading provider of membership, events, and eCommerce solutions built on the Salesforce platform. At the heart of everything Fonteva does is its quest to equip and empower its customers to meet the unique needs of their communities. By harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform for membership and event management, Fonteva delivers highly configurable solutions that build and strengthen the relationships that organizations are built on. Visit Fonteva at


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