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Time Management Month: 3 Ways to Leverage the Power of Automation

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When it comes to technology in the workplace, outdated systems are making administrative tasks extra time-consuming and preventing your staff from prioritizing more strategic efforts. Luckily, the right technology can put your laborious tasks on autopilot.

Here are three ways your association can leverage the power of automation to save staff time and make your operations smarter: 

Reporting and data analysis

Building reports and analyzing data doesn’t have to be a stressful and strenuous task. With intuitive membership software, data can easily be saved in real-time. This means that reports are automatically updated with accurate information – no additional effort required. 

Visual dashboards can also serve as a significant time-saver, offering an easy way to review key metrics and communicate critical findings in reports. This gives your staff the opportunity to confidently measure the success of recent initiatives. For instance, you can quickly see how many members signed in to your new-and-improved portal within the last month. 

Data analysis is essential to managing quality member engagement and gauging the success of your association. With automated reports, your association can spend less time gathering data and more time turning insights into action.


For any association, communicating with members remains an ongoing key priority. However, member communications such as newsletters should not require a team of people to accomplish. With automation, emails can be scheduled to send to a desired list at a designated time. This automated approach can also apply to certificates, event tickets, and receipts.

Member Services

When members need to resolve an issue with their membership, one of the last actions they should consider is contacting your association for help. However, this is their only option unless they have a self-service portal that allows them to manage their own membership. This creates a more convenient experience for your members, and simultaneously saves time for your staff.

Remember: Automation doesn’t replace people. It just makes them more powerful. By automating your association’s time-consuming tasks, your staff can spend less time addressing member inquiries and more time executing value-adding strategies to optimize the member experience.  

Learn more about how automation can make your operations smarter with our free guide

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