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Fonteva Awarded Patent for Fonteva Framework

The unique Fonteva Framework simplifies app management and enables easier integrations

Arlington, Virginia (February 11, 2020) – Fonteva is proud to announce the receipt of a patent for the Fonteva Framework, which was first made available on Salesforce AppExchange in 2015. The Fonteva Framework provides developers a platform, built on Salesforce, to manage and develop flexible, scalable, and reactive business applications.

All Fonteva applications are built on the Fonteva Framework, which is currently offered on Salesforce AppExchange to anyone who wishes to license it.

The Fonteva Framework is headlined by an inversion of control container, which gives unique command and control capabilities to Salesforce administrators for the administration of complex environments. This dependency injection feature allows Fonteva and other app developers to remove dependencies from code, making solutions more nimble and extending the shelf-life of apps built on the Fonteva Framework.

In addition to the patented components of this technology, Fonteva’s unique platform on a platform system is one of the only frameworks that allow developers to build custom logic, control the order of execution, and disable individual pieces of logic without creating a fork in the code. This can reduce the need to make time-consuming updates to meet specific platform requirements and provides users with more flexibility to pick and choose which systems they use within their unique environment. By offering more customization and less code manipulation in one cohesive system, users can minimize disruptions.

“We are thrilled to earn the validation that the features of our Framework are so unique and one of a kind that a patent was awarded to Fonteva,” said Fonteva CEO Jerry Huskins. “This Framework furthers our mission to provide customers with easily scalable and integrable solutions that enable their success.”

Additional features of the Fonteva Framework include comprehensive API services, enabling users to easily map integrations and make connections without coding. The Framework includes unlimited rollup summary fields and automatic system logs, which creates more efficiencies in users’ daily operations and troubleshooting process. The Framework also provides visibility into customer behavior within various applications, which allows developers to capture context-specific usage data and provide stronger support in a more timely manner.

About Fonteva
Fonteva, a Salesforce Premier Partner, is a leading provider of membership, events, and eCommerce solutions built on the Salesforce platform. At the heart of everything Fonteva does is its quest to equip and empower its customers to meet the unique needs of their communities. By harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform for membership and event management, Fonteva delivers highly configurable solutions that grow and strengthen the relationships that organizations are built on. Visit Fonteva at

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