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Events Going Virtual: How to Pivot Successfully with Fonteva Events

Jake Fabbri, CMO / Christina Marmor, Director of Events


As social distancing efforts continue to fight the spread of COVID-19, organizations across the globe are reassessing their in-person events and weighing their options for virtual alternatives. While navigating new tools and executing an unfamiliar strategy can seem overwhelming, choosing the right technology makes all the difference. Here’s how Fonteva Events can help you quickly pivot to a virtual format, while maintaining revenue continuity, attendee engagement, and most importantly keeping all your data clean and available throughout the process.Let’s take a look at a few scenarios that have become common recently. 

Scenario 1: Established in-person event with registrants already registered and paid can’t take place

This scenario is one that is common to many event planners during the global pandemic lockdown. They had an in-person event planned, had attendees registered and paid, and now it is impossible to hold the event in-person. In this case you are faced with two options: 

  1. Pivot to a virtual event
  2. Refund money, cancel the event, and lose out on the customer engagement and revenue

The problem with the second option is nobody wins. But if you are able to easily transition to the first option, while the event content might have to be adjusted to accommodate a virtual format, both your organization and attendees win from conducting the event. But can your Events software easily do this? If you use Fonteva, the answer is YES! 

With Fonteva Events, we offer an accelerator for customers to easily tie into a video conferencing system like Zoom, GoToWebinar, or On24. So with the click of a button you can tie an event in Fonteva Events to a virtual event in a 3rd party solution, and have the registrant details pushed through to that video conference system. So, instead of manually recapturing and/or transferring your data into an entirely new program manually, you can seamlessly integrate your event data. Digitizing your in-person initiatives is a lot less overwhelming and less risky with access to intuitive technology at your fingertips. 

Scenario 2: Need to pivot a future in-person event series to webinars during a disruption

Does this scenario sound familiar? Many of us will be in this situation after we get past the win from scenario 1, the any active events right in front of us. Now we have to figure out how we can maintain the Return On Events™ we’ve been getting from in-person events until the public and your attendees are ready to engage in them once again. 

Fonteva Events has still got you covered. Just like pivoting an already established event into a virtual one like the previous example, we are able to easily create a series of events in Fonteva Events and link them to a virtual event platform with ease. No uploading lists back and forth, and your attendees get the same registration experience along with you getting the same easy revenue collection whether you’re hosting in-person or virtual events. Plus you still have your events engagement data right inside your single source of truth CRM, Salesforce. 

Scenario 3: The new normal

So you were able to quickly pivot your events to virtual in a time of disruption, crisis averted. Then you were able to continue your event revenue by virtualizing your event series as well. But what does the future hold? What if you were able to combine in-person and virtual events to dramatically expand, not only your event portfolio, but your overall Return on Events™ moving forward? With Fonteva, you can successfully manage your Hybrid Events, allowing attendees to experience both live and virtual events, even if you have different revenue and registration requirements for each type of event. 

Now more than ever, organizations are turning to their event organizers and strategists to ensure business and revenue continuity.  Having technology that is flexible and agile makes all the difference in meeting and responding to mission critical needs. With Fonteva, you will be able to plan, manage, and execute in-person and virtual events with confidence, even during these uncertain times. 

Several members of the Fonteva customer community are already making this shift successfully, prior to this global pandemic. 

One great example is  Zero to Three, who have  leveraged Fonteva Events to  create virtual events for their member community by using Fonteva Events integrated with GoToWebinar. This allows them to use a single event registration system across all of their events, and for virtual events, attendees are automatically registered for the virtual event automatically from their registration data inside Salesforce. The registration and revenue collection process with Fonteva Events is seamless and easy.

To learn more about the power of Fonteva Events, take a quick tour.

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