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Jerry Huskins Named Trailblazing Entrepreneur by Salesforce


As the co-founder of a product built on the Salesforce platform, Fonteva CEO Jerry Huskins has long understood the importance of being part of the Salesforce Ohana. 

During the opening of Fonteva’s annual user conference, FUNcon, Jerry shared some stories about his company’s relationship with Salesforce, specifically what happened when Fonteva was named an AppExchange Premier Partner.

“We were sitting in a meeting in Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, and during the afternoon coffee break, they brought in these amazing sugar cookies decorated with the Fonteva and Salesforce logos,” Jerry said. “While that was one of those wow moments for me, the real importance of our relationship with Salesforce is the access and alignment we have through their Beta programs, product roadmap, and more. This is invaluable when it comes to making sure our customers are able to utilize all the great advancements coming out of Salesforce as soon as possible.”

In addition to the relationship Fonteva has developed with Salesforce, Jerry was recently recognized by the Salesforce AppExchange as a Trailblazing Entrepreneur. As part of that program, Jerry was interviewed by Salesforce and explained how he and co-founder Paul Lundy created and built Fonteva into one of the most successful companies on the AppExchange over the last ten years

Jerry was recently featured in Saleforce’s Medium blog, and you can also learn some more about his journey as an entrepreneur and how Fonteva came to be by watching the video below.

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