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Keeping Your Best on Board: 3 Strategies for Retaining Board Members

Keeping Your Best on Board: 3 Strategies for Retaining Board Members

To hear some associations tell it, good board members can be hard to find. Once your association has them, you certainly want to keep them.

In a previous post, I highlighted three scenarios that might drive board members away. This time I would like to highlight some important strategies for keeping your best board members.

A recent item in the management tips section of summarized comments that Karin Cox of Hartsook Companies and Steve Newberry of Commonwealth Broadcasting offered during the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ international conference. They discussed ways to find and keep the best talent for an organization’s board. These three resonated with me:

  1. Cultivate their interest. Why would they want to be involved? Make sure they know the organization and CEO need them, will use them, will train them, will respect their time, will be accountable and will set them up for success.
  2. Pick the right time to get a commitment. Ask. Wait. Follow up.
  3. Appreciate them. Remember why people volunteer. Show the impact, make sure it feels good, give credit, celebrate, develop individual strategies, and build loyalty.

As simple as they may seem, these strategies will help you keep board members at your association’s strategic planning table.

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