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An Attitude of Gratitude: #Thankful

An Attitude of Gratitude: #Thankful

Last week, many of you probably enjoyed a traditional meal of turkey and all the fixings surrounded by family and friends. And at some of these gatherings, people took a moment to share what they were most thankful for.

This month I’ve dedicated a number of posts to exploring different ways associations can show their appreciation to staff, members, and volunteers. Many of them emphasized the importance of making “saying thanks” a regular part of how we communicate with each other rather than using these words on special occasions and holidays.

In that spirit, Twitter recently examined all posts since January 1 that began “I’m thankful for...” This informal survey found that people were most thankful for family and friends. Here are the responses that ranked in the top 4 of what Americans are most #thankful for so far this year:

  1. You
  2. Life
  3. People
  4. Family

As I reviewed this list, I saw a reflection of the work associations and the industry partners who assist them do to connect people and help them share ideas. For example, if you think of the term family in broader terms, it may refer to anyone or any organization that provides support to others as they pursue their goals.

It didn’t surprise me that money or success didn’t top Twitter’s list. When we maintain an attitude of gratitude throughout the year, it’s the people and the communities they create that we appreciate the most.

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