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Making the Most of Micro-moments

Making the Most of Micro-moments

Are you there? It’s a deceivingly simple but incredibly important question that all organizations need to answer. The question of being or not being there serves as the guiding principle for Think with Google’s Micro-Moments Guide.

More and more people, including your association’s members, rely on their mobile devices for getting information or taking action. Are you there when they need you? Is your association’s brand present across all platforms?

Here are some key insights from the Micro-Moments Guide to keep in mind as you consider how your organization would respond to these questions:

  • When someone picks up their mobile device, chances are they want to learn, do, find or buy something right now.
  • By being there, your brand has the chance to address consumer needs in the moment, help move someone along their decision journey, and deepen their loyalty.
  • Showing up gets your brand in the game to be chosen, not just seen.
  • Unfortunately many brands are still falling short when it comes to being there for consumers.
  • When you fail to be there, you’re simply handing opportunities over to your competitors.

Given how high the stakes are, your association can’t afford to miss out on those key moments when your members and customers need you the most. According to the guide, there are four important moments when you need to be there for them:

  1. I –Want-To-Know Moments when someone is researching but not yet in purchase mode
  2. I-Want-To-Go Moments when people are looking for a local business or thinking of making a purchase at a local store
  3. I-Want –To-Buy-Moments when someone is ready to make a purchase and may need help deciding what to buy
  4. I-Want-To-Do-Moments when people want help getting things done or trying new things

Each of these micro-moments is likely applicable to your association in some way. Your brand’s ability to deliver in a mobile environment is more important than ever.

We recognized the growing importance of the mobile channel when we first developed Fonteva For Associations. With a fully mobile solution like ours, staff members can obtain and act on information from anywhere at any time. This capability combined with their own mobile branding efforts should position our association customers to make the most of micro-moments.

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