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Setting Up Your Social Calendar for Success

Setting Up Your Social Calendar for Success

Most of us have already started adding meetings, appointments and other tasks to our calendars for next year. In most cases, those activities that get planned usually get done rather than falling into a no man’s land of things we meant to do but just didn’t get to. Unfortunately, social media sometimes falls into the latter category for too many associations.

Once you’ve established your organization’s presence on the ever-growing array of social networks/channels, you definitely need a plan and a content calendar in order to make the most of these communications. Stephen Waddington, chief engagement officer at Ketchum, recently outlined eight areas of social and digital planning for 2016 on the company’s blog. Four of them caught my attention as being particularly relevant for associations:

  1. Agility. Real-time working demands an overhaul of workflow. A 24-hour review process won’t cut it when a trend is breaking on social media.
  2. Purpose. Social media is collapsing hierarchies and eliminating and removing silos within an organization. Every aspect of an organization must be social.
  3. Authenticity. Modern media is social. It is human. Brands needs to engage with people in plain language and not in polished brand speak.
  4. Data. As we head into 2016 we can identify influencers around a geography, industry, topic, or market using tools to explore networks.

While all of these areas are important, so often the conversation about planning comes back to good data management. With the customized reports and dashboards available in Fonteva For Associations, our association clients have all the information they need to set up their social calendars for success in 2016.

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