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Sick of talking about digital disruption? So is your legacy AMS.

Sick of talking about digital disruption? So is your legacy AMS.

Digital disruption is the new buzzword in the association industry. Associations everywhere are searching for new ways to increase revenue while attracting new members who just aren’t interested in paying dues. But a few associations have already found a way to be innovative. These successful organizations are flexible, mobile, prevalent, and agile—much like their association software tools should be.

The truth is that many association software companies have been digitally disrupted as well, and many of them are unwilling to change. Your software’s mission should be to help you remain better informed about your organization, with low costs, state of the art features, and endless options for you to cater to the needs of your constituents. If you just chuckled, snorted, or emitted any otherwise unintentional noise of disbelief, I understand. Unless your AMS is a true cloud solution, those features are simply unreasonable.

In our recent eBook, “The Future of Association Software—10 Benefits of Moving to a True Cloud Solution,” we discuss the lack of innovation and interoperability with legacy AMS systems, and outline the benefits of moving to the cloud. In fact, in TechSoup’s Global Cloud Computing Survey, 62% of those surveyed reported a major cost advantage using cloud computing. It involves a lower capital investment, requires fewer IT staff members, and transforms capital expenses to operating expenses. 79% reported a major administration advantage using cloud computing. That means they had easier software access, easier disaster recovery, and rapid deployments. I have never heard of one of the legacy AMS deployments referred to as “rapid”.

Check out the eBook to learn how your organization can break through digital disruption and compete with other associations in the race to remain relevant.

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