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The Votes Are In – Assemble Wins

The Votes Are In – Assemble Wins

Yesterday, we competed in Salesforce’s Demo Jam with our events app, Assemble, and we won! Salesforce holds a monthly demo competition with around 5 of their over 4,000 apps on the AppExchange. Each team completes a 3-minute demo, and the audience votes on the winners.

Fonteva Events isn’t new. In fact, over 100 of our customers are already using the app, built 100% native to Salesforce. But because of the flexible nature of Fonteva’s flagship product, Fonteva For Associations, we were able to un-bundle some of the feature sets that our member-based customers love, and package them for all types of Salesforce customers on the AppExchange. Assemble is one of those packages.

Fonteva Events is a comprehensive meeting and events management application with a predictable pricing model, embedded directly in Salesforce. That means you don’t have to export and merge lists from multiple sources. All your customer data is in one location, giving you a complete picture of all your customer interactions. Assemble has all of the features of an enterprise events management system, plus some features you’d only find in 3rd party applications.

To see all of the features offered with Fonteva Events, check out our explainer video.

And if you’re already using Assemble, we’d love to hear what you think about it on the AppExchange. 

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