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Enterprise Community Partners

Enterprise Community Partners (ECP) leverages the power of Fonteva to make its previously manual event processes much faster and simpler to manage, and advances its mission by surfacing more actionable insights with the advanced data analytics of Salesforce.

Enterprise Community Partners (ECP) has been bringing together nationwide know-how, partners, policy leadership, and investment to multiply the impact of local affordable housing development for more than 35 years.

Key Results

Condensed all of ECP's event engagement data

Delivers a unified brand experience across all event touch points

The Challenge

Enterprise Community Partners organizes and manages the future of affordable, sustainable housing development by bringing industry leaders together today.

When it came to organizing and managing their more than 70 annual educational, fundraising, and networking events, ECP found that the combination of manual processes and multiple platforms was severely limiting their ability to efficiently achieve their mission.

With over 16 different business units and no unified tool to simplify their event workflows and manage event engagement, ECP decided to build a better tomorrow with Fonteva and its Salesforce-based events platform.

The Solution

Fonteva began by working closely with ECP to understand how its disjointed use of Excel, Outlook, and other manual tools was hindering the organization’s strategic goals for events, and how it could better leverage the power of Salesforce to bring all of their data under one roof. Next, Fonteva implemented the ideal events management platform to give ECP the power to simplify and power-up its processes.

ECP’s ideal events platform needed to be able to accomplish three key things: first, it needed to connect all of ECP’s events data into one place in Salesforce; second, it needed to simplify event registration and engagement; and finally, it needed to come from a company with industry experience that would stand behind its product as a committed, long-term partner.

“We had no real events solution and with so many events going on at once, this was becoming impossible,” says Lisa Shaughnessy, Marketing Project Manager at ECP. “We were undergoing a big leadership and culture change, and we needed a tool that could deliver the power and functionality to totally revamp how we engaged with our stakeholders.”

“We had considered building a solution internally. But we couldn’t have built a solution like this.”
Lisa Shaughnessy, Marketing Project Manager, ECP

The Bottom Line

With Fonteva, ECP was able to leverage the power and simplicity of a platform designed specifically with event marketers in mind. Built on Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, Fonteva successfully condensed all of ECP’s event engagement data, registrations, financial transactions, and self-service functionality under one roof. This created a process that’s simple, convenient, and more efficient to manage.

One ECP team member can now accomplish what previously took as many as four at a time, increasing the productivity and efficiency of its events management. ECP, through Fonteva, now delivers one unified 21st-century brand experience across all event touchpoints that keeps stakeholders satisfied and engaged.

That’s using your events to build a more successful mission. That’s Fonteva.

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