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The Healthcare Financial Management Association uses Fonteva as a foundational component of its digital and organizational transformation. This transformation has boosted new member acquisition and slashed attrition by enabling simplicity and personalization as the focal points for their member’s experience.
The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) is committed to helping its members and organizations navigate the financial management of their practices and organizations by providing the practical tools and solutions, education, industry analyses, and strategic guidance needed to address the many challenges that exist within the U.S. healthcare system.

Key Results

Now able to perform advanced data analysis

Created an agile, faster, and stronger member experience ​

Simplified business model and pricing experience

The Challenge

The Healthcare Financial Management Association provides critical financial guidance and assistance to U.S. healthcare organizations so they can continue providing the best healthcare in the world to their patients.

However, with membership on the decline and members sharing that they were not receiving the type of world-class member experience they had come to expect from HFMA, the association realized that it needed to reevaluate everything it did, ultimately embarking on an organizational-wide transformation journey.

With a focus on prioritizing simplicity in the member experience while also streamlining internal processes, HFMA found what it needed with Fonteva and its Salesforce-based association platform.


The value of simplication

Garth Jordan,  Chief Strategy Officer at HFMA, discuss how Fonteva supports the holistic capability through flexibility, scalable technology with minimal risk.

The Solution

Fonteva first started by working closely with HFMA to understand exactly how technology could empower the organizational transformation being undertaken and the role the Fonteva platform needed to play in this digital transformation journey. More than just implementing the ideal association management platform to enable HFMA to leverage advanced data analysis to support the delivery of a truly superior 21st-century member experience, this journey had to support a complete reimagination of HFMA’s business processes both today and in the future.

“Comparing ourselves to the world of consumer products and services, it was easy to see that quality and simplicity were very valued among consumers. So we really looked at simplicity as a driving factor in the member experience we wanted to create,” says Garth Jordan, Chief Strategy Officer at HFMA.

“Fonteva is a foundational piece of everything we are doing now. With that platform stability, we don’t have to worry about the foundational systems running the organization. Now we are able to focus on creating an agile, faster, stronger member experience.”

Garth Jordan, Chief Strategy Officer

HFMA unlocked the power of all-in-one simplicity with the Fonteva Platform. Built completely on Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM, Fonteva brought all of HFMA’s member data, workflows, and ecommerce functionality under one roof, making it simple, easy, and quick to manage.

The Bottom Line

HFMA’s organizational transformation enabled by the Fonteva Platform is already paying huge dividends. Their new member acquisition is up 20 percent year-over-year, and member churn is down 5 percent. “This has to be attributed to the simplicity of our new business model, which Fonteva has empowered us to deliver. Members are more engaged in our education and certification programming thanks to our simplified pricing experience, which allows our members to maximize the value of their membership investment, with minimal effort required,” explains Jordan.

And thanks to the advanced data analysis made possible through Fonteva and Salesforce, HFMA is developing new, engaging offerings based on what they know their members want. “We thought it would take maybe six months to a year to have enough data to start surfacing meaningful insights to affect decisions; we got them in just three months,” Jordan says.

With membership up and attrition down, revenue is growing and the future looks bright for both HFMA and its members.

That’s guaranteeing the health of your association. That’s Fonteva.

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