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Take Ownership of Your Software

Our Implementation Methodology Includes:

Side-by-Side Configuration
Our implementation is an iterative and collaborative process that pairs your team with ours to configure requirements simultaneously.
Eliminate the Need for Custom Code
We work to meet your business needs with configuration, rather than custom code. This ensures that all of our customers remain on the latest version of the software with no downtime during upgrades.
Challenge the Status Quo
Our success is hinged on the success of our customers, so we work together to evaluate and improve your business processes, while challenging the status quo.
Change Management & User Adoption
We enable you and your team to learn the solution, understand how to configure it to your needs, and confidently take ownership of your solution.
Real-Time Training
We include ample training time in our implementation process before, during, and after the implementation project.
Choose Your Path

We offer a variety of implementation paths to meet the needs of any organization. Whether you are looking for a quick implementation process, or you require a more tailored approach, Fonteva’s Success Path™ will facilitate a sense of ownership and empower you to make the most of your new system.