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Explore Fonteva's powerful membership software solution.

Fonteva Membership Software

The most popular Membership Software Built on Salesforce®

Fonteva’s member engagement dashboard is a powerful membership software solution that helps organizations track interactions with members.

Effortless Member Experience

Encourage your members to interact with your organization through powerful self-service membership software available on any device, at any time, from anywhere.
  • Create collaborative, branded online communities
  • Offer searchable member directories
  • Access all membership software resources on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Leverage self-service membership management capabilities
  • Manage events registration and certification in the same community


Create a 360-degree view of your members that informs decision-making to drive member value.
  • Leverage dynamic page layouts and role-based data access
  • Utilize point-and-click configuration wizards for easy setup
  • Glean actionable insights from embedded dashboards and analytics
  • Access collaboration tools, including Salesforce Chatter®
  • Manage communication easily
  • Engage members in their language and currency
  • Connect with members on any device
  • Extend functionality through the Salesforce AppExchange®
Fonteva Labs Directories makes it easy to customize your members’ journey with a variety of features and add-ons for your AMS membership software.
Fonteva’s member portal provides everything you need in a membership software solution.

Unified Data and Analytics

Real-time analytics and dashboards deliver more insight into your member community than ever before.
  • Set and measure customized KPIs
  • Track and measure various points of interaction
  • Access real-time reports with role-based viewing options
  • Utilize collaborative dashboards
  • Leverage Einstein® Analytics tools for AI-based insights and actions
  • Attain deep business intelligence through Tableau®
  • Visualize KPIs with AI, BI, and integrated ISV Apps

A Completely Scalable Platform

Frequent updates keep your association current on the latest membership management software.
  • Grows with your organization through SaaS data modeling
  • Reduce overhead and hardware with Cloud capabilities
  • Leverage Salesforce Native e-commerce and event management tools
  • Quickly create customized apps and integrations
  • Supports functionality with any device
  • Automate and schedule data reports
  • Customize your membership management view with an easy drag-and-drop interface
Fonteva’s membership software is a powerful, scalable solution for associations of all types and sizes.
Built on the world’s most secure cloud CRM, Fonteva’s comprehensive membership software is made to help you boost efficiency, productivity, and member engagement.

Technical Features

Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

With our subscription payment model, you pay one predictable fee per user, per year even as your association grows.

Salesforce User License Embedded

An embedded Salesforce Platform License allows you access to our powerful membership software suite.

Upgrades Included

Fonteva and Salesforce release multiple, feature-rich software upgrades throughout the year.

Extend the Fonteva Platform

Grow your membership toolkit organically with the Fonteva Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange.

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Popular Features

Member CRM
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Customizable Member Join / Renew Workflows
Online Community
Member Directories
Event & Conference Management
Form / Questionnaire Builder
Reports & Dashboards

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