From Clutter to Clarity

Organization: National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
Nashville, TN
Staff: 265
Budget: $25+ million in revenue
Membership: 55 SBAs
Challenges: Inability to see the whole picture and limited reporting capabilities
Main Goal: Automating operations and managing data more effectively
Timeline: less than 3 months


It was difficult for NASBA staff to see the full picture of the association's different components because of out-dated, bulky systems requiring too much manual manipulation. The association made the switch to Fonteva For Associations to gain more robust and flexible data management, CRM, and reporting capabilities from its AMS.


NASBA staff knew they needed a more flexible and robust technology system than the one that was in place. The capabilities of NASBA's previous Association Management Software (AMS) didn't expand along with the organization.

Prior to implementing Fonteva For Associations, staff's reporting capabilities were extremely limited. For members, applying for services wasn't easy nor was making donations and payments. Every interaction with the association involved too much paperwork and trying to use bulky systems that were slow and inefficient.


Implementing Fonteva For Associations transformed the association's business operations by giving it one system with multiple functions for staff and members. Staff were able to standardize and automate work flows, email templates, and internal email alerts. Members could review their committee participation and/or billing histories.