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Fonteva Leveraged the Power of Stripe to Develop a Fully-Integrated Solution, Fonteva Payments

In today’s digital era, providing a seamless and secure payment experience is paramount for organizations looking to enhance their customer relationships. Fonteva Payments, an integrated payments platform built into Fonteva, is here to revolutionize the way you handle transactions and elevate your Customer360 platform to new heights. 

Enhanced Payment Processing 

The latest release of Fonteva Payments introduces a host of enhancements aimed at optimizing payment processing. One of the most notable improvements is the addition of two new payment options: ACH and Digital Wallet. These additions offer greater flexibility and convenience for both you and your members, ensuring a smoother payment experience overall. 

Improved Data and Metrics 

Fonteva Payments doesn’t just facilitate transactions; it also provides invaluable insights into payment activity. With improved data and metrics, you can gain deeper insights into your customers’ payment behavior, enabling you to make more informed decisions and tailor your strategies accordingly. This enhanced functionality empowers you to optimize your processes and drive better results.  

Key Fonteva Payments Features: 
• Online ACH Payments 
• Digital Wallet with Apple Pay & Google Pay
• Global Payments, Acceptance, and Processing
• Fully 3DS2 Compliant
• Credit Card Updater 
• Simplified Reconciliation
• Integrated Merchant Control Dashboard
• Fonteva-Based Enterprise Transaction Reporting
• Streamlined Support 
• Single Source Provider (Processer + Gateway) 


Fonteva Payments isn’t just a payment platform; it’s a catalyst for transformation. By leveraging its advanced features and capabilities, you can enhance your Customer360

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