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Air Force Association

Fonteva provided the Air Force Association with the centralized, customizable association management solution it needed to create a full 360-degree view of its members and better serve them by better understanding their demands, preferences, and engagement.

The Air Force Association (AFA) is the official membership organization for active and retired airmen of the United States Air Force. AFA supports the Air Force’s mission by connecting airmen to opportunities for continuing education, advocacy, and financial support.

Key Results

Saved time on renewal processes, donations, and opt-ins

Provided a 360-
degree view of their members

The Challenge

The Air Force Association understands the importance of putting its members first, because its members have already given so much for their country.

But AFA found itself struggling to deliver the personalized benefits its airmen deserved because of its outdated association management system (AMS). With several paper-based processes and no centralized database shared between departments, AFA could not effectively create a 360-degree view of its members’ journeys.

“We couldn’t see what resources they’d accessed, what they’re interested in, what they needed to follow-up on,” says AFA Chief Information Officer Falahyar Fatmi. “We couldn’t provide the customer service our members deserved.”

In need of a cloud-based solution to remotely support its 200+ chapters, AFA turned to Fonteva and their association software platform built on Salesforce®.


The Solution

To understand AFA’s unique communication, ecommerce, and user experience goals for its association software, Fonteva worked very closely with AFA to build its ideal solution.

Indeed, Fonteva delivered AFA the easy-to-use, robust association management functionality it demanded, combining the massive depth and user familiarity of Salesforce® with the unique association-specific workflows Fatmi’s team needed to hit its membership, revenue, and advertising goals and add real value to its members.

“We save so much time. Renewal processes, donations, opt-ins…we do it all in Fonteva,” says Fatmi. “All these refinements and automations are adding value to our members.”

“We needed fast implementation, scalability, and flexibility from one centralized, secure solution. Because it’s Salesforce, Fonteva has consolidated all these different functions and portals into one easy, money-saving solution.”

Falahyar Fatmi, Chief Information Officer, Air Force Association

The Bottom Line

Now, thanks to Fonteva and Salesforce®, AFA has the 360-degree view of its members it always wanted. With the data it needs right in Fonteva, AFA can measure, track, and understand its member engagement like never before – and use that knowledge to plan for the future. “That data is so valuable to us when planning our next offerings and resources in the future. We can give our members what we know they want. Now we understand their behavior,” Fatmi explains.

And that greater member understanding has allowed AFA to simplify and optimize its operations, including eliminating three underused membership plans, and improve advertising sales due to the availability more robust demographic data. “The portal is so popular among members, we’re capturing much more information about them simply because they’re using it more,” says Fatmi.

For the future, AFA is aiming sky high. It plans to further integrate Fonteva into its advertising efforts, and will soon be using Fonteva for Events to manage its member gatherings.

Better association management for America’s bravest men and women? That’s a higher mission, made possible by Fonteva.

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