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American Psychiatric Association

Replacing an outdated labor-intensive legacy system that lacked PCI compliance, the American Psychiatric Association is now overhauling workflow efficiency and looking strategically to the future with the Fonteva Platform.

American Psychiatric Association (APA) represents psychiatrists across the country, working together to ensure humane care and effective treatment for all persons with mental illness by providing educational and professional resources to support working practitioners.

Key Results

Customer service complaints plummeted

All important data lives in a single CRM

The Challenge

The American Psychiatric Association is working hard to remove society’s stigmas around mental health and substance addiction by disseminating information resources, promoting awareness, and providing ongoing education for psychiatrists.

But with the rules governing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance changing, APA faced a difficult decision: make a painful, arduous overhaul to their outdated legacy association software, or find a better solution.

Tired of wasting days or weeks to make changes to their old system and ready for the operational simplicity of a cloud-based solution, APA turned to Fonteva and its Salesforce®-based association platform.

The Solution

Fonteva began by taking the time to work closely with APA, understanding their unique field configuration, data analysis and compliance, and operational security requirements in order to properly implement APA’s ideal platform in a way that allowed it to be quickly and easily extended and updated.

“Fonteva is a huge improvement from our old system. Our legacy system was extremely labor-intensive and took a long time to do anything, even small updates like adding fields, small customizations, custom reports,” says APA Delivery Manager Abesha Assefa. “With Fonteva, we can push things into production in days, not months; we can easily add new features and fields.”

And that dramatic boost in efficiency has freed up the technology team at APA to more efficiently delegate and organize workflows, optimizing their processes. Not having to focus on day-to-day user issues also has allowed them to focus on adding additional value to the organization through technology.

“Customer service complaints have plummeted, and we have more free time to focus on the next task.”

And whatever that task is, the Fonteva Platform with the power of Salesforce makes it intuitive and simple. The world’s leading CRM, Salesforce makes data analysis and reporting a snap for all of APA’s staff users. Mix in all the options available on the Salesforce AppExchange and there’s no limit to what strategic goals APA can accomplish.

“Now, we can pass some responsibilities off to our team so they can run their own custom reports. They can pull whatever they want to; Fonteva gives them the tools,”
Abesha Assefa,  Delivery Manager, APA

The Bottom Line

“Thanks to Salesforce, all our data now lives in one place. We have multiple apps we’re using from the AppExchange that we’re able to just grab and go,” Assefa says. “That makes our lives easier and our users’ lives easier.”

But the best part of the Fonteva Platform for APA is the security and flexibility it delivers. Assefa reports “zero downtime” from the system so far, and now APA’s technology team are confident they can adapt to any changing need, tackle any strategic goal, and do so without ever having to worry about their association platform keeping up.

“You always have more responsibilities you need to take care of. Before, we didn’t even have time to think,” she says. “Now, we’re looking forward.”

That’s delivering true peace of mind for associations. That’s Fonteva.

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