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Biotechnology Innovation Organiztion

After their legacy AMS vendor underwent an ownership change, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization turned to Fonteva for a robust association platform that truly allows them to grow and innovate with confidence.
The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) represents biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and biotechnology centers around the world, supporting the research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial, and environmental biotechnology products through industry networking, partnering, and educational opportunities.

Key Results

Ability to do multi-channel member engagement efforts

Delivered a more modern member experience

The Challenge

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization is at the forefront of promoting technological advances in the biotechnology industry, many of which will transform our world for the better for years to come.

But when it came to their own technology, BIO’s outdated association management system was severely limiting their ability to innovate and plan for long-term digital transformation.

After their old provider saw a change in ownership, BIO’s dissatisfaction with its legacy system reached a tipping point. BIO had existing internal experience with Salesforce® and was looking for a smarter association software solution with which it could grow well into the future. So BIO turned to Fonteva, and its Salesforce-based association platform.

The Solution

Fonteva started by working closely with BIO to understand their specific system integration, database querying, and performance reporting needs, in order to implement the ideal platform configuration that would allow BIO to achieve their future goals.

“Our old system could do the basics, the stuff that doesn’t get you fired,” says Chris Love, Managing Director of Information Technology at BIO. “Fonteva has allowed us to shift our organizational mindset from ‘just keeping the lights on’ to really planning for the future and designing what we want to do.”

And that planning for the future is thanks to the fact that Fonteva is designed with the needs of associations in mind, right out of the box. BIO’s sales team, which had been using Salesforce prior to the addition of Fonteva, uses the platform to bring in more business by managing opportunities from events and potential new members to drive revenue. The programs team uses the Fonteva Platform to deliver a better experience for members who expect to register for events and educational opportunities directly from a modern, professional-looking portal experience.

“Salesforce made sense long-term. Once we decided that, Fonteva was the obvious choice. Why integrate a legacy software when you can have a platform for associations that’s native to the biggest and best CRM?”

Chris Love,  Managing Director of Information Technology, Biotechnology Innovation Organization

When it comes to integrations, the Fonteva Platform soars with the power of Salesforce. The world’s leading CRM, Salesforce delivers the reporting, data analysis, and systems integration that each of BIO’s teams need to succeed. And with thousands of technology connectors available on the Salesforce AppExchange, BIO can focus on adding more value for its members, and leave ‘keeping the lights on’ constraints in the dust.

The Bottom Line

Today, BIO is doing more for its members than ever, with multi-channel member engagement efforts connecting live events and digital education to deliver a truly impressive 21st century membership experience.

“We’re really adding value to our members and their organizations now,” Love says.That’s association technology that truly innovates. That’s Fonteva.

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