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Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning uses Salesforce® and the Fonteva Events platform to bring the power of the world’s leading CRM to its event management, reporting, and prospecting activities, allowing them to rapidly scale up and improve event ROI.

Big Picture Learning (BPL) is a revolutionary network of schools and educational institutions focused on putting students at the center of their own learning by designing curricula that measure success by demonstrated achievement, not standardized testing, giving families more options.

Key Results

Effectively managed national conference that had tripled in attendance

Data centralized in a single location, Salesforce

The Challenge

Big Picture Learning is putting the power of student-directed learning in the hands of families with their revolutionary network of schools.

But when it came to managing their rapidly growing national events – and understanding how event attendance leads to new business – BPL needed some help with their homework.

Looking for a way to get a handle on their events as their attendance rapidly scaled up, but needing a single source of truth to manage it all, BPL turned to Fonteva, and its Salesforce-based events platform.

The Solution

Fonteva started by working side-by-side with BPL to understand their unique event reporting, lead qualification, and communication automation needs in order to implement the ideal event platform configuration that would empower BPL to achieve their long-term goals.

“We needed better data from our events. We needed to see what events people attended, what their unique ‘customer journey’ is with us,” says Dana Luria, Director of Special Initiatives at Big Picture Learning. “Now, we get all those insights. We’re doing it with Salesforce and Fonteva.”

The Fonteva Events platform is built completely native to Salesforce, so BPL now gets all the reporting, data analysis, and performance tracking power of the world’s leading CRM. And since Fonteva Events is designed with the specific needs of event marketers and planners in mind, right out of the box, things like event registrations, attendee payments, session selections, change notifications, and even dietary restrictions are as simple as 1-2-3, and most can be completed quickly and easily via the attractive Fonteva self-service portal.

“Before we got Salesforce and Fonteva, we had tons of disparate data silos that were stunting our communication and leading to errors in workflows. That made it extremely difficult to execute events,” Luria explains. 

“Now, it’s extremely easy to communicate through the Fonteva Platform. It’s at the center of all our events.”
Dana Luria,  Director of Special Initiatives, Big Picture Learning

The Bottom Line

The results have been astonishing. BPL’s annual “Big Bang” national conference has successfully tripled in attendance in recent years, and Fonteva has allowed them to successfully manage that growth. Their regional leadership events are growing rapidly, as well. Thanks to the success of these events, BPL is now exploring new ways to leverage them as entry points into the funnel for prospects.

“We’re getting creative with our events, now. Any smart idea we can come up with, we’re confident we can execute it on time and budget. Salesforce and Fonteva have totally transformed how our organization operates,” Luria says.

That’s seeing the big picture in event management. That’s Fonteva.

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