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Food and Drug Law Institute

Inspiring a larger digital transformation, with Fonteva, FDLI dramatically increased revenue by automating workflows, communications, and payment processing.

The Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) is the leading nonprofit member organization for professionals in the field of food and drug law, offering continuing education, training, publications, and professional engagement opportunities for stakeholders to inform public policy and law.

Key Results

a digital transformation in 
the organization

Streamlined processes, ultimately increasing revenue

user adoption

report building from 8 hours
 to 60 minutes

The Challenge

FDLI helps legal professionals in the field of food and drug law connect with their colleagues, publish and access scholarly articles, and shape the future of food and drug public policy in the United States of America.

But despite building the future of American food and drug law, FDLI found itself stuck in the past. Its member portal suffered from broken links and functionality, with no mobile readiness and payments so difficult to process that most members had to manually call FDLI to complete them.

On the backend, FDLI needed future-proof association software that could better manage and analyze its member data to predict opportunities, without needing constant updates or running the risk of developer abandonment down the road.

Ready to change the world but needing to change its association software first, FDLI turned to Fonteva.


The Digital

Emilio Arocho, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at FDLI, and Paul Lundy, President and co-founder of Fonteva, discuss how Fonteva is a part of FDLI’s ongoing digital transformation.

The Solution

Fonteva began by taking the time to understand FDLI’s unique requirements, specific membership goals, and industry insights. Then, they hit the ground running with Fonteva’s Association Software Platform.

The Fonteva Platform delivered FDLI the robust, future-proof association software it demanded. The world’s leading Salesforce®-native association software platform, the Fonteva solution combines the deep, powerful functionality and unrivaled usability of Salesforce® with the unique and customizable communication, e-commerce, and reporting tools member organizations like FDLI need.

“We’re all familiar with Salesforce, so the Fonteva Platform couldn’t have been a better fit. User adoption is through the roof.”

Emilio Arocho,  Director of Technology and Digital Strategy, FDLI

A 360° View

The Fonteva Platform also streamlined FDLI’s payment processing, eliminating the bottlenecks and automating the time-consuming manual processes that had been robbing FDLI of revenue and preventing its members from having quick, convenient access to the valuable materials it had developed. With its previous AMS, nearly everything done by members, from product ordering to event registration to updating contact information and renewing membership had to be processed and input manually by staff. Now, FDLI’s event registration, membership onboarding and renewal, and payment processing communications are completely automated through the Fonteva Association Software Platform.

“We can see it all in our dashboards now, with automatic alerts and workflows,” says Arocho. “Whether we’re selling digital products like webinars and publications, or managing member communications through our portal, every single process is more efficient now and easier for members to use. Campaign velocity, product revenue, membership revenue, events registration, events revenue – all of our KPIs are higher than they’ve ever been.”

Even more than that, the Fonteva Platform has helped FDLI undergo a broader digital transformation that has positioned it for lasting success long into the future.

“Fonteva has pushed us even further in changing our culture. It’s transformed the way our organization engages with technology, and the future of what’s coming,” Arocho says. “Digital competency is no longer siloed within one department.”

The Bottom Line

“Just doing things that would’ve been impossible to dream of without the Fonteva Platform. It’s been an amazing improvement in our ability to not only track our KPIs, but understand them as well,” Arocho says. Today, FDLI’s total membership, total sales, and average order size are the highest they’ve ever been. Reports that used to require 8 hours to create now take just sixty minutes. And FDLI has grown its staff by 25%, to keep up with growing demand since getting on the Fonteva Platform. “It keeps the wheels turning in our organization,” says Arocho. “We have a roadmap thanks to Fonteva.” Improving the way food and drug law professionals shape the future? That’s a fresh take on association management, made possible by Fonteva.

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