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Human Resources Policy Association

The Human Resources Policy Association (HRPA) makes sure their members get more value and engagement from their membership thanks to the advanced data management of Fonteva and Salesforce.

The Human Resources Policy Association (HRPA) is the lead public policy organization of chief human resource officers representing the largest employers doing business in the United States and globally.

Key Results

Implemented a new modern self-service portal

Developed content and information specifically tailored to member needs

Enabled the team at HRPA to easily promote events

The Challenge

The HR Policy Association represents over 400 corporations and 7,000 individual members, helping them create a vision for successful HR strategies.

When it came to efficiently managing and using their data to better engage their members and drive member value, HRPA found their legacy association management system was severely limiting them. With specific challenges ranging from simply accessing the data -which cost both time and money to accomplish – to the inability of members to easily find and update their own information through a self-service portal, staff and leadership were walking through mud just to maintain basic operations. For example, without a membership portal, even the most basic member updates were conducted through personal phone calls.In addition to being time consuming, this was incredibly challenging and costly to scale.

Looking for a platform that could empower them to engage their members and grow their established reach within each member organization, HRPA turned to Fonteva and its Salesforce-based association platform.

The Solution

HRPA knew they wanted a solution that was both built and designed for the needs of associations right out of the box, and backed by the data management power of one of the world’s largest and most trusted CRMs. They got both with Fonteva.

“We wanted to eliminate manual work wherever possible so we could more effectively engage our members,” says Henry Eickelberg, COO of HRPA. “We wanted a platform like Salesforce that was established and would be around for a while, and we felt comfortable with Fonteva since it was tailored to associations and already had tons of the functionality we wanted right out of the box.”

A first step towards eliminating manual work for staff was the implementation of the HRPA member portal through Fonteva. Through its newly modern self-service member portal, HRPA’s members get an engaging and easy-to-use online experience with readily accessible value-adding resources and the ability to quickly update their own information. This has slashed the amount of time and energy HRPA’s team spends on updating member data, and has kept the information far more up-to-date and complete.

The member portal also has made it easy for HRPA to promote events, a key part of the association’s member engagement strategy.

“We already have 35 events available through the member portal in Fonteva that stretch through the end of the year,” noted Eickelberg. “It seems so basic, but making it easy for our members to log-on to a system where they can see all of their membership details and all of our events – it’s really important and we needed it. That kind of interaction creates a point of reference for the value our members are receiving, which is important when it comes time to renew.”

For staff and leadership, the Fonteva platform’s accessible reporting and data management tools make it easy to see key data points including which individuals hold key roles within member organizations and what materials they are engaging with. As a result, overall member engagement and retention have both increased.

“I now have quantitative data I can use to make decisions. With limited resources, we need to know who to prioritize our time on. That’s how you build an effective engagement strategy.”
Henry Eickelberg, COO, HRPA

The Bottom Line

Today, HRPA is able to provide a superior 21st century member experience, with content and information that’s specifically tailored to members’ needs and delivered in a way that engages and truly demonstrates the value of HRPA membership.

That’s better member engagement through better data. That’s Fonteva.

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