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ZERO TO THREE trusts Salesforce® and the Fonteva Platform to better manage, track, and analyze their membership data in order to build stronger, more transparent, more reliable sales pipelines for their fundraising and donations.

Since 1977, ZERO TO THREE has been playing a key role in ensuring babies and toddlers get a strong start in life , by supporting parents, professionals, and policymakers with practical information, aid, and other valuable early childhood resources.

Key Results

Increased user base from 29 user to 60

Accurately measure and advertise the impact of each donation​

Staff quickly and easily running their own reports ​

The Challenge

ZERO TO THREE (ZTT) is working to close the intellectual development gap for babies, infants, and toddlers across the United States during the most critical years of their growth by providing parents, educators, and legislators with support, information, and important connections.

But when it came to effectively and efficiently managing their member relationships, ZTT found themselves stuck with the wrong solution. Their legacy association management solution, Nimble AMS, required ZTT to use a person account data model (PADM), which severely limited their ability to utilize Salesforce to support other business processes within the organization and made many efforts either cost prohibitive or completely incompatible.

Looking for a platform that could leverage all the power Salesforce has to offer for their fundraising, member relations, and grant management, ZTT turned to Fonteva, and its Salesforce-based association platform.

The Solution

Fonteva began by working side-by-side with ZERO TO THREE to understand their unique data management, member experience, and business process optimization needs in order to implement the ideal association management platform that would enable ZTT to solve their short-term challenges and meet their long-term goals.

“Our old solution did not accommodate our unique needs,” says Edima Elinewinga, Chief Technology Officer at ZERO TO THREE. “We just couldn’t tailor Nimble to our business processes, and even when we could, the changes would take months and months. With Fonteva, the difference is night-and-day.”

The Fonteva Platform is built totally native to Salesforce, so ZTT now enjoys the full power and personalization of the world’s leading CRM, including the robust data management and analytics, reporting, and payment processing functionality ZTT demanded. And, because the Fonteva Platform supports all Salesforce data models, ZTT now has the flexibility to move between person account data and account contact data model depending on the situation.

“We had so much trouble building a sales pipeline with Nimble. It seemed like all the data that was important to us was living somewhere else, and we just couldn’t use it to track the customer’s journey or manage fundraising and grants,” says Elinewinga.

Now, thanks to Fonteva, manual Excel spreadsheets and time-sapping data transfers are a thing of the past.

“We have full visibility into our members, donors, advocates, all the way down to the granular metrics that measure the true impact of what those donors and advocates have done for the families they’re helping”
Edima Elinewinga, Chief Technology Officer at ZERO TO THREE

The Bottom Line

“We are able to truly measure – and as a result, advertise – the impact of each donation.” says Elinewings.
Thanks to the power, simplicity, and ease-of-use of the Fonteva Platform, user adoption has skyrocketed among Elinewinga’s team, more than doubling their user base from 29 users to 60.

“People love Fonteva. You usually struggle with user adoption with a new platform; we didn’t have that problem at all. Our team was dying for a solution like Fonteva,” Elinewinga says.

Today, ZTT is using the Fonteva Platform to expand their outreach, advocacy, and engagement, connecting existing members and identifying ideal new members in a sleek, polished, 21st century member portal experience. And with thousands of technology connectors available via the Salesforce AppExchange, ZTT’s future is limited only by their vision.

“Our experience with Fonteva has been great. It’s been amazing. It does everything we expected and then some,” says Elinewinga.

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