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3 Myths and Mistakes Your Association Can Avoid and Start Using the Cloud Today


Since Fonteva’s inception, we’ve advocated for associations adopting true cloud-based Platform Solutions. Early on it became clear that many associations simply were not educated about the cloud and all of its benefits. Six years later, we’re pleased to see that many more organizations have investigated and adopted cloud computing.

However, there are still numerous organizations that remain hesitant about moving their technology to the cloud. In a post for the company’s nonprofit technology blog, Capterra writer Hannah S. Ostroff shed some light on why this hesitancy persists. According to her, these organizations “might be holding onto some apprehensions that aren’t true.”

Ostroff went on to discuss three primary myths about cloud software, which remain barriers to entry for too many organizations. I’ve briefly summarized them here and added our take on the kinds of mistakes they result in associations making.


Myth #1: The cloud is not secure. On the contrary, as Ostroff pointed out, most software companies have put significant time and resources into developing a secure product.
Mistake: Associations continue to rely on out-dated systems that are likely less secure than a cloud-based solution would be.


Myth #2: Cloud computing is expensive. This simply isn’t the case. “Cloud-based software offers savings opportunities in that you won’t be paying to maintain your own servers, for maintenance, or for tech support if problems arise,” Ostroff wrote.
Mistake: Organizations exhaust resources to implement costly upgrades to inefficient systems rather than investing in cloud-based Platform Solutions that will save them time and money over the long-term.


Myth #3: A cloud-based solution will be hard to maintain. The opposite is much more likely. To Ostroff’s point, you get the benefit of automatic updates without the responsibility for making them happen.
Mistake: Associations allow the proliferation of data silos, which are virtually impossible to monitor and maintain, rather than implementing a solution that ensures that everyone will be working with the same version of software at the same time.

Buying into these myths is a mistake your association can no longer afford to make. If you still have questions about the benefits to your association using cloud-based software, please check out our most recent eBook, which outlines 10 benefits of moving to a true cloud solution.

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