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Will Virtual Reality Become Reality for Associations?


Remember when “paradigm shift” was the go-to idiom to refer to changing an industry’s perspective?

Well what’s the 2016 version of paradigm shift?

Let me back up.

I was working on my schedule for ASAE Tech (December 13-14th—National Harbor) and I stumbled across sessions like “Digitally Transforming Legacy Associations for the 21st Century” and “Tap the Power and Potential of Virtual Reality”. Not to mention “‘My Robot Threw Up!’ and Other Surprises During the Internet of Things” and “Bots of the Future”. My first thought was, “They get it!”

ASAE is looking to the technologies of the future, and exploring ways the association industry can adopt them down the road. ASAE is a digital accelerator. Once, mobile technology was considered aspirational. These new ideas were cool and tech nerds flocked to conferences to see them in action. But many organizations failed to see the business implications for this fun novelty. Now, mobile technology is an imperative. With more people working on any device in any location, many association software vendors are struggling to meet the requirements of the now “old-hat” mobile tech.

Think about your AMS. Is your vendor still working on a “browser-based solution”? What is the process for accessing your data on your phone/tablet? Mobile isn’t new, so why has it been such a struggle?

Association software vendors need to change their perspective and chase innovation. Once an industry demands a feature, it’s too late to build it. You’re already behind.

At Fonteva, we want to cultivate innovative technologies. We are also digital accelerators. We want to explore the tech of the future and understand how it can work with Fonteva For Associations. So that by the time associations are ready to adopt virtual reality, we aren’t scrambling to piece together a convoluted system that hasn’t been thought through.

This year at ASAE Tech, we want to show you what the future holds for association software. We have prototyped the FIRST virtual reality business intelligence tool for associations, and we want you to try it out! Stop by booth 115 to put on the Oculus Rift and see what your reports and dashboards could look like in the coming years.

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