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4 Signs You Need New Membership Management Software

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Are you struggling with your membership management software? Wondering if you’ve outgrown it? While there can be a variety of ways to tell when it’s time to change to a new system, here are four of the most surefire signs:

Your current software doesn’t scale with your growth and change.

If you’ve reached capacity on members or your ability to manage them, your software is no longer truly serving your organization’s needs. The same is true when your efforts aren’t attracting, converting, or retaining members.

Limited configuration is hampering change.

If your software is incapable of adapting to your changing business practices—such as the introduction of new member types, dues levels, and benefits—it’s time. Consider also the increased cost of hiring IT staff or a consultant to fill the gap between your needs and the reality of your legacy system.

It offers limited support.

Are you bearing the brunt of support and troubleshooting internally? If so, there’s a better way. SaaS based software solutions usually offer user groups and staff support, resources that aren’t always available with legacy association software.

Your analytics and reporting capabilities are limited.

Data and insights are key to advancing your organization. Lack of integration with third party software can lead to incomplete data reporting, which can impact decision-making. Look for a system with robust reporting capabilities and the ability to generate reports by staff members outside of your IT department.

Is it time to upgrade? Read our whitepaper for guidance on how to choose your next membership software.

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