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6 Strategies to Improve Member Engagement

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Communities are built on engagement—it’s what makes them vibrant and worth joining. An engagement strategy to drive digital and in-person participation in membership communities is key to creating value that boosts retention and recruitment.

Start with KPIs and goals

Not every organization has a written member engagement strategy. We measure what matters, though. When planning, it’s important to focus on KPIs—and set goals to reach them.

Use your data

Tracking engagement can provide a more holistic view of who your members are, as well as who is likely to renew (or not). And, understanding who may not renew—getting as specific as, for example, first-time members with a profile completion rate under 60%—will hone your organization’s business analytics. Some organizations even develop a single value score for member engagement.

While specifics must be tied to your goals, certain practices are almost universally successful. These include:

  • Creating intuitive member experiences that foster participation
  • Eliminating barriers to participation, for instance by allowing members to reply or comment without being forced back to your website
  • Encouraging social learning through increased collaboration and knowledge-building in user groups
  • Offering badges or rewards for completed profiles or employing gentle ‘shameification’ to prompt members by comparing their completion rates to others’
  • Considering opt-out rather than opt-in features when launching communities
  • Automating processes and communications, such as through drip campaigns or autoresponder emails

Creating a strategy to drive engagement is the first step toward creating a richer community experience.

Check out our guide to learn how to segment member personas for better engagement.

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