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The Power of Video: Your Ticket to Boosting Engagement & Impact

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From social media promotions to email campaigns, it’s no secret that video content is making waves as a valuable marketing tactic. In addition to optimizing content, video production can serve as an increasingly powerful way to collect and share authentic feedback from your members or customers. 

With expert advice from Michael Hoffman, CEO of user-generated video technology Gather Voices, here’s why your organization should consider leveraging video content to make a bigger impact. 

Easily accessible & shareable  

Curious why video content has experienced such a surge in popularity? It largely comes down to accessibility. 

“Up until recently, video production was primarily limited to professional formats,” says Hoffman. Fast-forward to today, and anyone can instantly access a powerful camera at the palm of their hand.” 

Therefore, video content is now a tangible way for organizations to strengthen their engagement efforts. By clearly communicating key messages in an eye-catching manner, video production can also serve as a powerful strategy for maximizing membership ROI.  

In addition, video content is especially easy to share. This approach can help increase awareness and communicate the value of your company to new audiences. 

More trustworthy testimonials 

When communicating messages about your organization, it’s important to consider credibility. Prospective members or customers want to hear from people who derived real value from your membership or services. 

Incorporating user-generated video production into trade shows and other industry events is an easy way to generate trustworthy feedback while your organization is top-of-mind.

“People are more likely to trust other like-minded people than the voice of the organization,” says Hoffman. 

For instance, perhaps you’re promoting a conference. An attendee’s feedback on the event will be much more valuable than a message from the organization itself. 

With the help of Gather Voices, Fonteva successfully implemented this strategy at FUNcon 19

Stronger storytelling 

Your organization is probably no stranger to storytelling, but have you considered a more interactive approach?

Videos offer an opportunity to truly show the story of your organization, rather than simply delivering the facts. 

This strategy involves visual and auditory elements that just aren’t achievable through text alone. So if you’re aiming to tell a powerful backstory and strike an emotional chord, video is your answer.

Best practices 

Feeling inspired to incorporate more video content into your organization’s initiatives? Here are a few best practices to follow before saying “action!” 

First, provide your participants with appropriate background knowledge. “Be transparent about why you’re using video and who you’re helping,” says Hoffman.

Second, be specific and avoid asking too many things in the same question. This can often result in confusion and stumbling over words. 

“The better you frame the question, the more usable the content will be,” says Hoffman. 

Finally, never underestimate the power of social proof and peer influence. 

“Sharing similar videos will show people exactly what you want from them,” says Hoffman. “This will also allow them to feel more comfortable and confident on camera.” 

Learn more about how Gather Voices helps organizations access and share the authentic stories of stakeholders to create more impact.

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