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5 Best Event App Features

Kai Des Etages / Content Writer, Guidebook

Business Technology

These days an event app is an essential part of the event experience. They boost engagement, make it easy to share information and collect data and feedback that can inform or even improve future events.

Agenda or Schedule

A well-designed agenda allows attendees to plan their day, set reminders, and create a personalized schedule. An app built on the Guidebook platform offers all of these features for app users and includes some perks for organizers too. Event organizers can track attendance and make last-minute changes to the schedule.


Push Notifications

Event organizers can use push notifications to send reminders, updates, and announcements. Attendees can also receive personalized notifications, such as session reminders or networking opportunities. 

Use this feature to share important updates or to point users to specific features in your guide at a set time, such as taking an end-of-day survey or highlighting a special offer from one of your event’s sponsors.

Networking Features

Networking features such as attendee profiles, messaging, and in-app meetups allow attendees to connect with each other. This not only enhances the attendee experience but also promotes engagement and knowledge-sharing


Interactive Maps

Attendees can navigate the event venue, locate sessions, exhibitor booths, and other key locations. Making your map interactive allows your users to view a session or listed item and find it directly on the map. This is a feature your sponsors will love, particularly if they are one of many booths set up at your event.


Forms for Surveys and Feedback

An event app can include surveys and feedback forms, making it easy for attendees to share their thoughts and rate sessions. Use this information to improve future events, identify areas of improvement, and measure success.


What features will you include?

Whether you’re building an app for an event or conference, a safety training or onboarding, or anything in between, features matter. Prioritize the user experience and create an engaging app that people actually want to use. If you’re eager to use an app that’s integrated with your AMS, then be sure to visit the Fonteva website for more information!

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