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Nurturing New Members

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The moment your new member clicks the “join now” button is the moment he or she is most engaged and enthusiastic.

Are you prepared to nurture that excitement with a welcome process? Over 25% of membership associations don’t! This is a key moment to channel momentum into member engagement and strengthen the new bond with your organization.

Creating a welcome process

Developing a welcome process helps you start off on the right foot with new members. You might consider developing special offers to spur involvement and engagement. Connecting with a personal touch right away nourishes engagement.

Creating an automated welcome process can also make communication efficient—and the effort of personalized touches more manageable. Use information and data collected during membership registration to personalize a standard welcome email. Reach out with a survey that can help you identify how to best provide value to your new member. Tuning into input right away will help you facilitate a unique (and valuable) member journey.

Regular communication

When members understand all the ways their membership offers value, they are more likely to see it as an investment rather than a cost, and are more excited to renew. Send regular—and relevant—emails about products, services, and events. Continuing that momentum when it’s time to renew will help you maintain engagement with your members—and boost your retention rates. Tailored communications created more engaged members from the very start.

Read our guide to discover how you can personalize the member journey from the start.

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